"Why am I soft in the middle? The rest of my life is so hard."
Paul Simon, You Can Call Me Al (via heroes-get-made)

Jens Moretensen


GABY HOFFMAN, I LOVE U, i wanna be ya

hairy bb 4 lyfe

"One thing I think our movie fights for, and I will fight for as a person, is that it’s a woman’s right not just to choose but to have complex feelings about that choice."
Jenny Slate on Obvious Child (via sarahelink)
"There’s a real difference between saying, “Hey everyone, let’s all get together and speak in one voice, and create one place for ourselves,” and “No, there should be equal places for everybody—all the voices talking at once, all the different ones.” There’s not just one voice for women, there’s not just one time for women in comedy, there’s not one project that speaks for all women. You have to be really careful to watch out for the difference between banding together, and being grouped together by people who don’t understand you."
Jenny Slate, star of the upcoming “abortion-themed romantic comedy” Obvious Child, talking about why romantic comedies with strong female perspectives aren’t more prevalent. Read the full interview with Slate and Obvious Child director Gillian Robespierre. (via thedissolve)

The Purchase Price (1932) Barbara Stanwyck & Lyle Talbot


I ask for flowers so I can give them to people who obviously like my music ‘cause they’re hurting.” — Cat Power

Chan Marshall photographed by Gretchen Robinette from Rolling Stone Magazine

Words cannot always bear the truth of sheer intuition. 

Every romance movie ever

  • straight white cis couple: we can't be together
  • straight white cis couple: oh wait we literally can